CV and Exhibition (selection)

1960           Born in Frankfurt/Main, Germany

1980           Abitur Gymnasium with Diploma,Justus-Liebig-Schule in Giessen

19881-82   Internship at the City Theatre Giessen for stage design

1982-84     Training in woodcarving /sculpturs completed with diploma in Tann/Rhön

1984-86     Worked at various sculptor

1986-88     Studied in sculptur and designe at the Werkkunstschule für

                   GestaltungFlensburg completed with Diploma

1988-90     Teacher for painting and creative work at the Marburg School for

                   Occupational Therapists MSE Marburg

1989-92     'Kunst im Knast', Justizvollzugsanstalt Butzbach/Frankfurt, working creatively

                   with prisoners, project that started from the University Giessen/Germany

1998          Moved to Arnhem

2006          Masterclass in Photopolymer etching at the Amsterdam

                   Graphic Workshop [AGA] in Amsterdam /NL

2009           Employee at the Herbergier Arnhem/NL in Arnhem; working with people

                   suffering from dementia

2010          Silkscreen workshop at the Amsterdam Graphic

                   Atelier (AGA), Amsterdam

Exhibitions (selection)

1990          Membership BBK, Berufsverband Billdender Künstler, Hessen(g)/ Germany

                   Mousonturm in Frankfurt/Main (s)/G

                  'Grenzbereiche', Stadthalle Giessen (s)/G

                  Kunst am Kino, Kino Traumstern, Lich/Hessen/G

1991          Progetto Civitella D`Agliano, Italia

                  Monte Forato with Gertrude Moser-Wagner with subject: nature,

                  mountaineering as own experience and subsequent presentation,

                  funded by the Ministry of Science and Art in Wiesbaden,

                  documented in Synapses Forato

1992         Gallery Kunstraum der Reiter in Valencia, Spain

                  https://www. christianegossel. org/apps/blog

1995         Three months artist in residence, Kunstkreis Meppen Emsland/G

                  focus on work in wood, followed by giving a workshop sculpture,

                  Interactive work with improvised music by Frank Rühl( free jazz e-guitar) and

                  slide projection, performed at Kino Traumstern/Lich/G

1996          Kunst 96 Zürich/International Art Fair /Switzerland

                  Exhibition of the Gallery Kunstraum Der Reiter in Valencia/Altea with

                  three months artist in residence in Altea/Spain

1997         Buitenkunst-Bienale Sittard (g)/NL

2000         'Great Drawing Festival' Kunsthuis 13 in Velp/NL

2001          Gallery Klas Vijf, Velp Gelderland (g)/NL

2002          Gallery Vlasblom, Arnhem (g) /NL

2003          Gallery Forma Actua, Groningen(g)/NL

                  Graphics in the Historical Museum Arnhem (g)/NL

2007          '1st Frisian Mini-Print Biennial 40 x 40' in Leeuwarden (g)/NL

                  JAJA Gallery, Amsterdam (s)/NL

2008         Gallery JAJA, Amsterdam(s)/NL

                  Atelierroute Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier AGA (g)/NL

2009         Gallery Klas Vijf, Velp, Gelderland (g)/NL

                 Gallery JAJA, Amsterdam (g) ? /NL

2012        Membership of the Syrlin Kunstverein E. V. International, Stuttgart/G

                'Entdeckungen', Galerie im Zentrum, Stuttgart Syrlin Kunstverein (g)/G

2013        Presentation of various silkscreens as part of the 'Hand Therapy Symposion' in

                WTC Rotterdam/NL, solo exhibition

                Participation in the art auction inspired by 'Carmina Burana' by

               Concordia in Leeuwarden

               Guest artist in the studio of sculptor Ruth Vulto-Gaube,

               Art route Workum /Friesland/NL

2017      Exhibition 'Escape's' at the Kreuzeskirche in Essen (s)/Germany

2021       KV2 The Hague, participation in changing Collection Presentations by

               Bos Fine Art/NL

2022      06. 10. - 30. 10 duo exposition in Gallery Utrecht, Erasmuslaan 5,

               Bos Fine Art /NL